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Dees-Hennessey Inc. provides shotcrete solutions to commercial properties in the Northern Californian area. We offer expert construction work including structural shotcrete, shotcrete shoring, seismic retrofits, new construction, retaining walls, canal linings, ditches and drainage.

Licensed, Bonded And Insured For Your Protection

Licensed, Bonded And Insured For Your Protection

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Dees-Hennessey Inc. maintains high safety standards. We maintain a high track record of innovation and for completing projects on time and on budget. 

Dees-Hennessey Inc. has served Northern California since 1985 and is locally owned and operated. It was begun in 1985 when Delbert Dees, an expert in shoring, and Pete Hennessey, an expert in excavation, branched out and started a company together. 

Dan Evans, a shotcrete expert, joined the company in 1986. Together, our staff of engineers has more than 100 years of combined experience. Soon after starting in shoring they developed a structural shotcrete division and soon became one of the leaders on the west coast in shotcrete. Today, with the expertise and knowledge of the current partners Dan Evans &  Jason Myers, Dees Hennessey is one of the leaders in the shotcrete industry and is continuing the innovation of shotcrete mixes to allow for higher strengths in the shotcrete and aiding in more complex shotcrete reinforcement.

We hire specialized personnel to ensure highest quality materials and products for all jobs.

Why Choose Dees-Hennessey Inc.?

Personalized service
Responsible for the entire job from start to finish
Track record of on time on budget
High safety compliance
High safety standards
More than 30 years in business
100 years of combined engineering experience
Serving Northern California
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All our field employees are unionized. 

Personalized Service

We customize every job to meet the customer's specifications and hire specialized personnel for every specific job, thus ensuring we use the highest quality materials and products for all jobs. We start out with a design and a quote and then go into implementation and completion. We control everything until the project is complete.

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Dees-Hennessey Inc. has more than 30 years of commercial shotcrete experience in Northern California. Our engineers have worked together since we started out, and our employees are highly skilled in our service areas. We are also outfitted with a variety of shotcrete equipment to meet your concrete construction needs.

100 years of combined engineering experience

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What Clients Say About Dees-Hennessey Inc.

  • "We would especially like to make note of your patience and diligence in a project which has continued longer than anticipated, and which has produced many unexpected circumstances. The helpful attitude and responsiveness of Dees-Hennessey has helped tremendously in making this a true spirited team effort."

    DPR Construction, Inc., Gonzalez R., Project Manager
  • "We give your company our highest endorsement and hope that we have the opportunity to work with you again. It has been a pleasure. Gratefully,"

    Lemon E., President, The Littorai Wines, Inc.
  • "You provided quality service and accuracy, and most important, your honest and accurate measurements of the “overbreak” material. This was not used as a profit-generating item by your firm."

    Devcon Construction, Inc., Regynski D., Project Manager
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